Development History and Current Situation of Electric Vehicle Charging Pile

July 09,2022

With the development of the world economy and culture, strengthening the awareness of environmental protection and advocating energy saving and low carbon is an inevitable trend in the development of the world society. Therefore, electric vehicles appeared and gradually spread.


Electric Vehicle Charging Pile


At present, electric vehicles play a pivotal role in the entire automobile market in the world. In the early stage of the promotion and application of electric vehicles, some supporting facilities have not been perfected, so to a large extent hindered and restricted the popularization and development of electric vehicles. The establishment of the sustainable development strategy has attracted the attention and attention of relevant departments, and a lot of money has been invested in enriching and improving the supporting facilities for electric vehicles, and has achieved certain results and experience, including charging stations, charging pile etc.


Methods of charging electric vehicles


Electric vehicle charging methods mainly include AC charging and DC charging. DC charging is not only for large buses, but also used in many parking lots. It has both AC and DC charging piles. Compared with AC, DC charging piles are more suitable for fast charging of large vehicles.


  • AC charging. The use of 220 V, 380 V AC charging power sources has promoted the development of charging facilities such as multi-functional on-board filter circuits and three-phase rectifier bridges for electric vehicles, which can charge the secondary batteries of electric vehicles in real time and effectively, and it takes a short time. It has high power and is widely used in small electric vehicles.


  • DC charging. With the help of the power supply on the surface of the land, the secondary battery (battery) of the electric vehicle is charged. Different from the AC charging method, DC charging does not require a secondary battery to function, and the charging time is fast. It is widely used in large electric vehicles and electric vehicle fast charging.


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