FAQs of Solar Inverter

September 06,2022

The inverter is an important part of the solar energy system. Solar panels convert sunlight into direct current through the photoelectric effect. The function of the inverter is to convert direct current into alternating current so that it can be used at home. Today we'll introduce some common questions about solar inverters.


solar inverter


Why are only 5kw inverters installed in the 6.6kw system?


The inverter can be used with maximum efficiency. 6.6kw boards are installed. In actual work, it is impossible to achieve a  full load output of 6.6kw even in the best weather, when the sun is 90 degrees direct, not to mention in the morning and evening when the sun intensity and angle are not ideal, it is even more impossible to achieve full load output.


At present, many power grids have a maximum 5kW grid connection limit for single meters. If a single meter needs to be installed with more than 5kW inverters, it needs to install an export limit, which will increase the cost, so it is not significant.


The solar system subsidy STC is based on the installed wattage of solar panels, allowing the installed power of panels to be 1.33 times that of inverters.


How many years can the inverter normally last?


The standard warranty of inverter manufacturers is 5 years. But at present, most manufacturers of brands upgrade to the 10-year warranty free of charge. With the standard 5-year warranty, free replacement or maintenance, and the extended 5-year warranty, manufacturers generally only guarantee products, and users need to bear their labor costs. According to the service life of electronic components, the normal service life of the inverter is 10-15 years.


Where is the better place to install the inverter?


As for the selection of the installation location of inverters, most inverters are designed outdoors. However, try to avoid direct sunlight, such as the West and North walls. If there is no way, such as two floors and other installation factors, for the inverter to be installed on the north or west wall, it is recommended to install a sunshade to protect the inverter.


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