Technical Indexes of Solar Inverter

September 21,2022

Solar inverter is one of the important system balance (BOS) in PV array system. It can be used with general AC powered equipment.


The solar inverter has special functions to cooperate with the photovoltaic array, such as maximum power point tracking and island effect protection. What are the main technical indicators of photovoltaic inverter?


2On-Grid Inverter EA2-3KSL.png


Stability of output voltage


In the photovoltaic system, the electric energy generated by the solar cell is first stored by the battery, and then converted into 220V or 380V AC through the inverter. However, due to the influence of self charging and discharging, the output voltage of the battery varies widely, and its voltage can vary between 10.8 V and 14.4 V.


For a qualified inverter, when the input terminal voltage changes within this range, the change of its steady-state output voltage shall not exceed 5% of the rated value. At the same time, when the load suddenly changes, the output voltage deviation shall not exceed ± 10% of the rated value.


Waveform distortion of output voltage


For sine wave inverter, the maximum allowable waveform distortion (or harmonic content) shall be specified. Generally, it is expressed by the total waveform distortion of the output voltage. And its value should not exceed 5% (10% is allowed for single-phase output). If the waveform distortion of the inverter is too large, it will cause serious heating of the load components. This is not conducive to the safety of electrical equipment, and seriously affects the operating efficiency of the system.


Rated output frequency


For loads including motors, because the optimal frequency working point of the motor is 50Hz. Too high or too low frequency will cause equipment heating. And it will reduce the operating efficiency and service life of the system. Therefore, the output frequency of the inverter should be a relatively stable value, usually 50Hz power frequency. Under normal working conditions, the deviation shall be within 1%.




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