The Role of Solar Inverters

June 14,2022

Solar inverters are divided into independent solar power inverters and grid-connected solar power inverters in applications, while independent solar power inverters are mainly used in remote areas without household electricity and individual household users, grid-connected solar power Power generation inverters are mainly used in desert power stations and urban rooftop power generation systems.


Solar Inverters


In fact, the overall function of the solar inverter is to obtain the corresponding sinusoidal alternating current through the full-bridge circuit, and then use the SPWM processor to obtain the corresponding sinusoidal alternating current through some intermediate systems such as modulation, filtering and boosting, and finally supply the end customers who need to use electricity.


Use, in fact, solar energy is a system that provides energy, and the inverter is a device that changes the current. The energy in the solar energy is obtained through the inverter. The DC battery that can be used is stored in the battery for use. This is the role of the solar inverter. Therefore, the solar inverter has become the core component of the photovoltaic wind power generation system, but the important thing is that the power generation cost of new energy is low, and the solar inverter must run at high speed.