EA660 25 - 200 kVA

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l  Advanced dual-core DSP control technology

l  True On-line, double conversion power protection, and with strong load capacity

l  Compact footprint, modular Hot-swappable design simplifying maintenance and scalability 

l  High efficiency up to 96% in on-line mode, 99% efficiency in ECO mode

l  Dual input design, independent bypass available, improving bypass availability

l  Output power factor 1.0, input power factor ≥ 0.99, input THDi ≤ 3%, output THDv ≤ 1%

l  138 ~ 485 Vac wide input voltage range, 50 Hz / 60 Hz grid self-adaptive

l  Frequency conversion available: 50 Hz input / 60 Hz output or 60 Hz input / 50 Hz output

l  Advanced digital parallel technology, improving redundancy and reliability in system

l  Flexible charger parameter and battery configuration settings, battery number 30 ~ 46 pcs selectable

l  Compatible with lead-acid battery and lithium battery, suitable for different types of battery configuration requirements

l  Support cold start with battery and auto restart with mains power

l  Settable delay time for startup when the mains power is restored, reducing the impact on the grid or generators

l  Fan speed varies intelligently with temperature, reducing noise and extending the service life of the fan

l  Fault-tolerant design for fan system, taking 35% loads when any one of fans fails

l  Superior hardware and software protection function, robust self-diagnostic function, and abundant event log

l  Hibernation function to improve the system efficiency at light loads and extend the service life of UPS

l  Powerful background software for parameters configuration and online updating

l  7 inches LCD touch screen, friendly human-machine interface

l  Multi-platform communications: RS485, CAN, NET, dry contacts, SNMP, Wi-Fi and GPRS communication interfaces; Real-time monitoring UPS available through the mobile App after installing Wi-Fi card and GPRS card

l  Intelligent battery management, automatic floating/equalizing charge control, battery self-diagnosis control, SOC detection, SOH detection and charger hibernation control, extending battery lifespan





Rated capacity

100 kVA / 100 kW

200 kVA / 200 kW

Number of power module



Rated capacity of power module

25 kVA / 25 kW


Input wiring

Three-phase five-wire (3Φ + N + PE)

Rated voltage

380 Vac / 400 Vac / 415 Vac

Voltage range

138 ~ 305 Vac (linear derating at 40% ~ 100% load), 305 ~ 485 Vac (no   derating)

Frequency range

40 ~ 70 Hz

Input power factor




Bypass input voltage range

-60% ~ +25% (settable)

Battery voltage

± 240 Vdc (±180 ~ ± 276 Vdc settable)

Number of battery

40 pcs 12 V batteries (30, 32, 34, 36, 38, 40 42, 44, 46 pcs settable)


Output wiring

Three-phase five-wire (3Φ + N + PE)

Rated voltage

380 Vac / 400 Vac / 415 Vac

Output voltage regulation accuracy

± 1%

Output frequency accuracy

Synchronized with   utility in mains power mode; 50 Hz / 60 Hz ± 0.1% in battery mode

Output power factor


Output waveform distortion (THDv)

≤ 1% (linear load); ≤ 4% (non-linear load)

Crest factor


Overload capacity

105% <   load ≤ 110% for 60 min, 110% < load ≤ 125% for 10 min,

125% <   load ≤ 150% for 1 min, load > 150% for 0.2 s



Max. efficiency

96% in on-line mode, 99% in ECO mode

Transfer time

0 ms

Max. number of parallel   connections



Short-circuit, overload,   over-temperature, battery low voltage, undervoltage, overvoltage, fan failure   protection


Standard configurations: RS485, CAN, NET, SNMP, dry contacts port, and EPO

Optional configurations: Wi-Fi card, parallel port, LBS port, GPRS card,   Battery temperature sensor, EMD and SMS alarms


7 inches LCD touch   screen



Operating temperature

0℃  ~ 40℃

Storage temperature

-25 ~ +55℃ (without battery)

Relative humidity

0% ~ 95% (non-condensing)


≤ 1000 m, above 1000   m, derating 1% for each additional 100 m

Protection level

IP 20


≤ 65 dB (at 1 m)


Cabinet dimensions (W x D x H) (mm)

600 x 850 x 1200

600 x 850 x 2000

Net weight (kg)





Established in 1989, 2.329 billion CNY registered capital, East is an Excellent Listed Company (stock code 300376) and a global 5G+ Digital Industry and Smart Energy System Solutions Provider. As a focused high-tech enterprise in The Nation Class Lighted Torch Plan, East is National technology innovation demonstration enterprises, Global Top 500 new energy enterprises, and the Winner of National May 1st Labor Award. With 268 representative offices around China. East’s service has spread in more than 140 countries’ partners and customers around the world.

East is engaging in 3 strategic business sectors covering 5G+ smart energy(UPS/EPS power supply, 5G base station power supply, rail transit power supply, military power supply), big data(cloud computing/edge computing data center, IT infrastructure), smart energy(photovoltaic inverters, wind energy converters and power generation systems, lithium batteries and energy storage systems, charging pile modules and systems, micro-grid network and smart distribution network), and is a provider of global digital industry and smart energy integrated solution.

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