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ŸMC2000 overall system standard modular structure design, each sub-module is highly versatile. The sub-modules of MC2000 are prefabricated by factory and can be assembled on site, which has low requirement for installation place. The equipment can be put into use immediately after the arrival. In the process of utilization, it only needs one monitoring and management system during use with no need of facing multiple interfaces.

High efficiency

Ÿ MC2000 has three types of aisle containment: hot-cold aisle containment (recommended), cold aisle containment and natural cooling. Thereinto, cold aisle containment can significantly improve the utilization of cooling capacity, hot aisle containment can improve the refrigerating efficiency of air conditioner, hot-cold aisle containment can improve the utilization of colling capacity as well as the refrigerating efficiency of air conditioner. Its PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness) is industry-leading. 


Ÿ Overall system standard modular structure design, each sub-module is highly versatile. Multiple solutions can be implemented by combining them as needed.

Ÿ The later stage can realize expansion easily.


Ÿ Adopts hot-cold aisle containment, cold aisle containment and natural cooling to adapt to multiple environments.

Ÿ Overall system standard modular structure design can avoid system design problems.

Ÿ System fault-tolerant design helps high reliability.

Ÿ Strong and weak current separation design can make less electromagnetic interference.

Ÿ Pass 8,9 intensity electrified seismic performance test


ŸMC2000 has built-in monitoring and management system and is configured with 10.1-inch industrial touch screen that can be used not only to view the parameters of the power supply and distribution, air conditioner, environmental variable and UPS but also to remotely monitor the operating parameters inside MC2000. Moreover, it can be connected to the superior monitoring platform via the internet for multi-network centralized monitoring and efficient management.

ŸThe MC2000 cabinet is equipped with intelligent LED ambient lights. When the temperature is 18-27°C, the light will be blue (normal work). When the temperature exceeds 27°C, the color of the light will gradually change from yellow to red (warning effect). When the front door is opened, the white light is on for operation and maintenance. At the same time, the LED ambient light is linked with the infrared sensor on the top of the cabinet. When the infrared sensor detects that a person is approaching the device, the smart LED ambient light starts up normally, and automatically turns off after 5 minutes away from the devic

Overall system   parameters

Number of cabinets   for single module

1 - 12

Max. available   space

420 U (12 cabinets,   without battery pack, 54 kW load)

Aisle type

Single row aisle,   natural cooling / cold aisle

containment / hot-cold   aisle containment

Power density range

3 - 8 kW / cabinet

Battery deployment

Battery pack,   battery cabinet, battery rack

Battery backup time

15 min - 240 min


Concrete ground,   raised flooring

Power mode

Single-phase   three-wire / three-phase five-wire

System protection   grade

IP 20 (mesh door) /   IP 50 (glass door)

Operating   temperature

-20℃ ~ 45℃


Derating for above   1000 m

Cabinet system

Natural cooling

(N×600)×1200×2000   mm (excluding casters and adjusting feet, front and rear high density   ventilation mesh doors; N is cabinet quantity)

Cold aisle   containment

(N×600)×1200×2000   mm  (excluding casters and adjusting   feet, front glass door and rear mesh door; N is cabinet quantity)

Hot-cold aisle   containment

(N×600)×1400×2000   mm (excluding casters and adjusting feet, front and rear glass doors; N is   cabinet quantity)

IP rating

IP 20 (mesh door) /   IP 50 (glass door)

Refrigeration   system

Input power supply

220 Vac

Refrigerating   capacity

4.5 kW (4U) / 8 kW   (10U) / 15 kW (12U) / 30 kW (21U)

Air conditioner   configuration

1+0, 1+1, 2+0, 2+1,   3+0, 3+1 (optional)

Sensible heat   factor (sensible cooling capacity / total cooling capacity)




Air supply method

Supply air in front   and return air in the rear



Power supply and   distribution system

Power input

Single-phase   three-wire /

Three-phase five-wire

UPS   capacity

3 kVA /6 kVA /10   kVA / 20 kVA

UPS   configuration

N, N+1

UPS   rated input voltage

220/230/240 Vac single-phase,   380/400/415 Vac three-phase

UPS   input voltage range

80 ~ 280 Vac single-phase,   138 ~ 485 Vac three-phase

UPS   output power factor


UPS   rated output voltage

220/230/240 Vac single-phase,   380/400/415 Vac three-phase

UPS   overall efficiency

92% / 95%

Maintenance   bypass


Mains   power feed-out ways

4 ways IT + 4 ways air   conditioner and fire-fighting systems / 12 ways IT + 5 ways air conditioner   and fire-fighting systems

UPS   feed-out ways

4 ways IT / 12 ways   IT

AC   lightning protection

Class B, C

Monitoring system

Monitoring   system host

Support direct   access for embedded Web

Local   interface

10.1-inch   industrial touch screen

Water   leak detection rope

Standard   configuration

Smoke   detection

Standard   configuration

Temperature   and humidity

Standard   configuration

Automatic   spring door device

Optional   configuration

Door   sensor

Optional   configuration

Power   supply and distribution / UPS / air conditioner monitoring

Standard   configuration

Northbound   communication interface

Optional   configuration

Protocol   format


SMS   alarm

Optional   configuration

Rechargeable fan

Optional   configuration

Rope   light in cabinet

Standard configuration

Firefighting system

Heptafluoropropane   gas fire protection module

1U rack   installation, a single module can manage two cabinets (optional)



Established in 1989, 2.329 billion CNY registered capital, East is an Excellent Listed Company (stock code 300376) and a global 5G+ Digital Industry and Smart Energy System Solutions Provider. As a focused high-tech enterprise in The Nation Class Lighted Torch Plan, East is National technology innovation demonstration enterprises, Global Top 500 new energy enterprises, and the Winner of National May 1st Labor Award. With 268 representative offices around China. East’s service has spread in more than 140 countries’ partners and customers around the world.

East is engaging in 3 strategic business sectors covering 5G+ smart energy(UPS/EPS power supply, 5G base station power supply, rail transit power supply, military power supply), big data(cloud computing/edge computing data center, IT infrastructure), smart energy(photovoltaic inverters, wind energy converters and power generation systems, lithium batteries and energy storage systems, charging pile modules and systems, micro-grid network and smart distribution network), and is a provider of global digital industry and smart energy integrated solution.

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