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Ÿ  System standardization architecture design makes components and parts high versatile and avoids system design problems

Ÿ  System fault-tolerant design helps high reliability

Ÿ  Strong and weak current separation design makes less electromagnetic interference

Ÿ  Very early fire warning

Ÿ  Pass 8,9 intensity electrified seismic performance test


High efficiency

Ÿ  Efficient integrated power supply and distribution, enclosed hot and cold aisles, high power density and energy efficiency

Ÿ  Support single-row or double-row hot-cold aisle containment in a variety of ways, isolate hot and cold air flow and eliminate local hot spots



Ÿ  Standard modular structure design helps to realize modular combination in different sizes and different powers. Product delivery can be completed in 3-6 weeks



Ÿ  Micro-module monitoring system performs all-round monitoring and unified management on the power distribution, environment, security, fire protection and other equipment inside the micro-module

Ÿ  Energy consumption of the micro-module can be analyzed precisely through the precise distribution system


Energy conservation

Ÿ  PUE can be maintained at a lower level through enclosed aisle design, and is more energy efficient than traditional computer room

Ÿ  Later expansion available, saving investment costs

icro modular   system


Single row cold / hot   aisle containment (L×W×H)

L×2465×2550/2750   mm, L ≤ 15 m

L×2365×2550/2750   mm, L ≤ 15 m

L×2265×2550/2750   mm, L ≤ 15 m

Double row cold / hot   aisle containment (L×W×H)

L×3600×2550/2750   mm, L ≤ 15 m

L×3400×2550/2750   mm, L ≤ 15 m

L×3200×2550/2750   mm, L ≤ 15 m

Access doors

Revolving sliding   door (concealed door closer, concealed electromagnetic locks design; two   installations - access inside / outside are selectable for the power and   environment monitoring display screen)

Translation door   (auto / manual are selectable)

Cabinet quantities   of Single module

Single row: 3 - 24

Double row: 6 - 48

Power   mode

AC: 380/400/415 Vac,   50 / 60 Hz, 3Ph + N + PE

DC: - 48 / 240 /   336 Vdc

Single   module IT power consumption

Max. 200kW  (Confirm with an engineer for above 200kW)

Max. power of   single cabinet

18 kW

Operating   environment

Ultra-low   temperature condition: -40 ~ 45℃

T1 condition: -25 ~   45℃

T3 condition: -5 ~   45℃

Reliability level

Tier II or Tier III   (extendable to Tier IV)


0 - 1000 m   (downgrading for above 1000 m)


Dimensions (W×D×H)

600/800×1200×2000/2200   mm

600/800×1100×2000/2200   mm

600/800×1000×2000/2200   mm

Available space

42 U / 47 U

IP rating

IP 20

Air cooled in-row   air conditioner

Refrigerating capacity

12 kW / 25 kW / 40   kW

Dimensions of   internal machine

300/600×1000/1100/1200×2000/2200   mm

Input power supply

AC: 380/400/415 Vac,   50 / 60 Hz

(optional DC:   240/336 Vdc)



Fluorine pump


Chilled water   in-row air conditioner

Refrigerating   capacity

12 kW ~ 70 kW

Dimensions of   internal machine

300/600×1000/1100/1200×2000/2200   mm

Input power supply

AC: 380/400/415 Vac,   50 / 60 Hz

(optional DC:   240/336 Vdc)


Water / ethylene   glycol aqueous solution

Integrated UPS

(built-in UPS)

Input voltage

380/400/415 Vac, 50   / 60 Hz, 3Ph + N + PE

Input   power factor

> 0.99 (full   load), > 0.98 (half load)

Rated   capacity

50 ~ 200 kVA


≥ 96%

AC lightning   protection

Class B, C

Modular power distribution   cabinet (external UPS)

Input voltage

380/400/415 Vac, 50   / 60 Hz, 3Ph + N + PE

Rated   capacity

500 A

AC lightning   protection

Class B, C



Established in 1989, 2.329 billion CNY registered capital, East is an Excellent Listed Company (stock code 300376) and a global 5G+ Digital Industry and Smart Energy System Solutions Provider. As a focused high-tech enterprise in The Nation Class Lighted Torch Plan, East is National technology innovation demonstration enterprises, Global Top 500 new energy enterprises, and the Winner of National May 1st Labor Award. With 268 representative offices around China. East’s service has spread in more than 140 countries’ partners and customers around the world.

East is engaging in 3 strategic business sectors covering 5G+ smart energy(UPS/EPS power supply, 5G base station power supply, rail transit power supply, military power supply), big data(cloud computing/edge computing data center, IT infrastructure), smart energy(photovoltaic inverters, wind energy converters and power generation systems, lithium batteries and energy storage systems, charging pile modules and systems, micro-grid network and smart distribution network), and is a provider of global digital industry and smart energy integrated solution.

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